Kencor Petroleum Limited (Kencor) is an Oil Marketing Company licensed by the Kenyan Energy Regulatory Authority to undertake the businesses of Importation, Wholesale & Exportation of Petroleum Products. Kencor forms part of the Galana Group and is a strategic business unit for the Group in distributing refined products in Eastern Africa region. Kencor’s portfolio of businesses includes importing petroleum products for Kenya market and regional markets through the Kenya’s refined petroleum Open Tender System (OTS) and wholesale distribution to retailers and B2B customers. Kencor has over the past five years delivered a large number of OTS oil tankers (include MR, LR1 and LR2) of refined petroleum products safely, effectively and with superior customer service to our esteemed business partners within the industry. Kencor is currently developing its retail network in Kenya and its brand presence shall be extended to other countries the East African Region in the near future. The Company’s B2B market of refined petroleum products in the industrial and commercial business segments comprises:

  • Manufacturing and Processing.
  • Agriculture/Farming.
  • Commercial Transport/Fleet.
  • Infrastructure, Construction & Mining.

Kencor’s workforce comprises a large team of qualified and experienced individuals whose skills are in harmony with their career aspiration, passion, teamwork, creativity, fairness, accountability and most importantly “customer first” attitude. These are the core values that underpin the Kencor corporate culture. With continued focus on competitively bidding for the OTS business and developing the retail network, Kencor remains aligned to the Galana Group’s goal to provide the most cost effective and life empowering energy to the Kenyan and regional markets.


Galana has established itself as a major ex-tank bulk wholesaler and distributor of refined petroleum products to the Southern Africa region. It has a large storage capacity with major terminal operators in Mozambique in the ports of Matola and Beira. The Group has over ten years experience of bringing MR and LR1 size oil tankers of refined products to this region in order to provide competitive products to its customer base in an efficient and effective manner.


Galana South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a level 2 BBBEE, entity that operates in the energy sector and specializes in procurement, supply and trading of petroleum products. The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and prides itself in offering excellent service through individual customer focus. Galana South Africa (Pty) Ltd focuses on the distribution of refined petroleum products to wholesalers, retailers, end consumers, refineries and B2B customers in and out of the borders of South Africa. The qualifications and experience of the Galana team in South Africa coupled with their core competence in strategic thinking, operational expertise, visionary leadership alongside a broad network of domestic and international contacts enables the provision of outstanding services to its customers. Galana South Africa (Pty) Ltd is further seeking to develop solutions around storage depots for the security of truck-stops and supply into the owner retail network with the view to provide our customers with competitive products. Galana South Africa (Pty) Ltd prides itself in offering service excellence through:

  • Providing security of supply to its customers
  • Developing infrastructure as per the requirement of customers
  • Focusing on each customer’s unique needs and requirements
  • Bringing efficient business management best practices in the operation and distribution system
  • Systematically exceed customers expectation by incorporating proper feedback and action loop in our customer management system
  • Thriving business relationship with each customer
  • Owner managed to ensure consistency in quality offering
  • Tailormade value solutions


Galana South Africa is partnered with WOA, which is a leading Petroleum Level 2 company in South Africa. WOA is led by Pria Hassan, a highly successful, award winning, female entrepreneur whose company is 100% Black women owned. Our second partner is Rhiza Babuyile which is a South African , highly recognized NGO which assists the needy with medical care, education and much more. Together, we hope to create a new journey for the group in Southern Africa and neighboring countries, a journey which will result in corporate as well as social responsibility results.


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    Established in 1991, Galana is a privately-owned group of companies specialising in Trading, Shipping, Terminal Storage and distribution of refined petroleum products in East and Southern Africa, as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.  Read More
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