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In 1991, Mr. Iqbal Rahim – a seasoned oil trader and entrepreneur – founded Galana Petroleum Limited (GPL).Prior to starting Galana, Mr. Rahim spent the first twenty years of his career working in an International Oil Conglomerate. Mr Kumar Gunness, Galana Vice Chairman, joined the company as an investor and shareholder in the year 2000. He manages his own wholesale and retail pharmaceutical business, Unicorn Trading Ltd, in Mauritius, which was founded over 30 years ago.

The GPL team is led by Gary Ellis (CEO) and Ravi Dhondoo (CFO). Gary is an accomplished leader, with a track record of working with Oil companies like Mobil Oil (currently part of ExxonMobil) and Abu Dhabi based Star Energy. Ravi has worked in several senior management positions in the Galana Group over the past 15 years. Previously, he has worked for PWC and BDO Mauritius. At the heart of each of our business units lies a thriving, multi-cultural team comprised of highly qualified, experienced and motivated individuals.

Galana remains committed to nurturing a ‘Culture of Excellence’ by continuously supporting training and development programs that promote a knowledge community within our own organization. Together, the Galana team works in seamless synchronization to supply refined oil products across its established and new-growth markets.

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    Established in 1991, Galana is a privately-owned group of companies specialising in Trading, Shipping, Terminal Storage and distribution of refined petroleum products in East and Southern Africa, as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.  Read More
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